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  • art by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

    by the master himself. I. Can’t. Contain. This. Happiness. It’s sooooo prettyyy dka;sldksjf I think I cried a bit

  • One of the pieces in Berta wedding dresses 2014 bridal collectionmore here

Can you tell where the lens came from? #camera #camerporn #leica

from a voigt vitomatic converted to M-mount. so sexy! I wonder if the hood of the prominent mount 50 would fit on this one.
    Confirmed! HFKSDIFUHNKNJKXasjhdkajd the caffeine in my body are jumping right now. oh my glob.


Night Rain on Shin Ōhashi Bridge, from the series (Twenty views of Tokyo) / 東京二十景 新大橋, Kawase Hasui / 川瀬巴水. Japanese (1883 - 1957)

put your fist in the middle, it will go faster

step 2. do it again 483759702 times
    Hawt! check out those big round pair of eyes. my god. :))

White Northern Lights in Finland

Wow wow wow.

Kanto M3 Repaint on Flickr.

I’m going to sell my black M6 next week. It’s pretty depressing but hopefully it’ll be replaced by a better one—like these babies or M6 variants; Millennium, NSH or LHSA—in the future. For now, dad’s help is a priority.
    Day off by Emily Lauren Boyer on Flickr.
  • This is so weird. I LIKE ITTT!!

#no i’m not crying #there’s just a fucking wardrobe in my eye